Inline thank you

How can I set up an inline thank you instead of redirecting to a thank you page?

I assume you mean that you want a ty on the same page that is hidden until a submit happens and then the ty is revealed?

With the LP builder, I don’t think there is an out of the box way to do that. You could have a WP page that connects to IS and make it do that or there may be a way to place code to do it in the LP builder that someone else might be aware of.

Thanks, John. Yes, when I say inline TY I mean to stay on the same page. When form is submitted in says “thanks for submitting” instead of redirecting. We are using WP w IS forms, so perhaps we can do this through a WP setting or customizing the HTML of the form. Ideally it would be an option of the form though.

Just so I’m sure I’m understanding all of the details here, are you using the older webform option to embed into your WP page or the plugin that allows for the Landing Pages to run on a WP page? The older webforms actually have more flexibility to be customized with code so the difference can be significant.

I’m using forms inside of the campaign builder - primarily so I can perform tagging and other workflow/follow-up activity associated with form submission. I also see the custom HTML option with these forms, which my developer will use with WP. Plan to implement on WP LPs.

What you’re talking about is an AJAX form. A good developer will know how to implement this.