How can I see who is fill out my leadpage

I’m still not sure how to get a simple list of who clicked on what…
I cannot find where I can which people/contacts if any have filled out a Landing Page form.
I cannot get a report of NEW subscribers who fill out a Landing Page form…
Please advise.

Are you using the new Landing Page builder?

Unlike the older one, there is no Web Form created (Sigh.) For a short period of time you can see something similar in the contact’s Campaign tab as a recent activity.

The new Landing Page Builder does let you assign a tag to the form when it’s filled out. You can query that but it isn’t the same as having the form (which shows up in Recent Activity, Web Form report) and all the data entered at that instant. I added a Note to a campaign to notify my users when a form was filled out. It’s clunky though.

In the end, my boss and I agreed to go back to my old way of doing things. My users don’t handle inconsistencies very well… and neither do I.