Campaign E-mail Links to Form does not Connect to E-mail Recipient Correctly

I have a Infusionsoft web form embedded in my web site (by URL). I send a campaign e-mail with a link to the web page that contains the form. The contact information is not getting populated on the form and the form contents are not showing up in the e-mail contact’s data when the form is submitted. It is creating a new user with the submitted data, like the connection to the existing user doesn’t happen. The appropriate checkbox (Auto-Populate with Contact’s Information) is checked on the Settings tab on the form. Any guidance on where to look would be greatly appreciated.

Hi John, there are a few things that could be causing this issue.

  1. Do you have a field for email on the form? That will be necessary for mapping the contact details back to the right contact record.

  2. Duplicate checking - what settings do you have set for duplicate checking on the form settings tab? I’d recommend “Email Only”.

  3. What type of embed did you use? If you used the Javascript embed code then it should be auto-populating, if you used the html or html unstyled, you may need to add some code to grab the info and automatically populate the form fields.

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A combination of all three of those fixed it. Thanks.


Hey Greg, do you have an example for #3 for using HTML with some code to grab the info and auto populate?

Here ya go Martin:

Great, thanks!