Send MySelf a Contact customised URL link

I would like to send myself an email that is completed with my contacts details to activate a new process in my campaign, but it isn’t working properly.

Currently, my contact completes a Infusionsoft Webform with details I need to complete a 3rd party form. I then have myself sent an email with the contacts details and a link with a pre-populated URL with the contacts details.

“~Contact.FirstName~” and “~Contact.FirstName~” returns the contacts name when used in the email body, however, returns my First Name and Last Name when used in the pre-populated URL.

Is this a bug? I am sure it used to work. Or do I need to tweak when I am doing?

It sounds like you are running yourself through the campaign. Be sure you are sending the email based on the contact going through the sequence, and the ‘to’ address in the email is manually set to you, instead of them.

Thank you Jeff.

It is strange because it is the contact only going through the campaign and in the email body the contact merge fields show that, but not in the URL, using the same merge fields.

Are you sending to yourself by choosing your User in the dropdown?
If so, try choosing ‘other’ and then typing in your email.

Maybe the system is seeing that it is being sent to a user that is in the system and pulling the info from there. If you manually type in the address, maybe it can break that relationship.

Just a guess, but sometime the experimentation is what cracks the code.


I have been able to get in touch with support and they have concluded that an update now means URL’s are resolved to the Email recipients contact records rather than the Campaign contacts records.

I assume this is a security related update.

I have instead written the URL directly into the email body and this resolves the issue,

Thank you for your help Jeff