Send a copy of campaign emails to contact owners

Hi all,

I am using a form to record inbound telephone sales enquires (I’m using Jotform with their native Infusionsoft integration).

The form submits the contact’s data into Isoft and enters them into a campaign. In the campaign the contact is sent an email confirming the details discussed in the call.

The email sender is the contact owner.

Is there a way to send a copy of this email to the contact owner, so the contact owner (i.e. person who submits the form) has a record of the email sent?

I think what I am looking for is the ability to have “contact owner” in the campaign email “To” field, but this is not available currently.

Thanks! Dave.

@Owen_Smith1, in the new email builder, you would just choose the “Other” option in the dropdown for the sender. And then in the Name and Email area use the Owner Name and Email merge fields. It’s not quite as easy as the older builder but it works great! Hope that helps.

Thanks @Cheryl_Hunt, I didn’t realise you could use merge fields in this way. I will give it a go :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, @Cheryl_Hunt! Yeah, they’re kind of like magic :slight_smile: