Custom URLs in Email Campaign with Contact ID

I’d like to create unique URLs in an email that is part of a campaign that include the Contact ID as part of the URL, similar to what’s described here: Create Unique URLs for Subscribers | Mailchimp

Is this possible in Infusionsoft?

Same approach using the HTTP POST widget in campaign builder

To expand up on what John said, you can add your parameter at the end of the URL. So, if you wanted to feed the Contact ID to somewhere, you would enter:[receiving parameter name]=~Contact.Id~

The [receiving parameter name] is the name of the field that is sitting in the location that you are sending to. So, if you were sending to a form on another page, the actual database name of the field that will capture the ContactID is what would go there.

Example would be that when we send these types of links and we have an Infusionsoft web form receiving the data, and we are feeding over the email address, we would put: