How to add parameters in the link inside the email in the campaign?

Hi all,

How can we dynamically get the user’s contact information inside Infusionsoft?
Marketing → Campaign Builder → [NAME_OF_CAMPAIGN] → Sequence → Email

I would like to make the link like this:

The value should be the contact information of the user inside the Infusionsoft.

I need it to be like this so that when that link is clicked and goes to the website… I can pre populate the website’s form (Gravity Forms).

Any ideas?


No problem! You’ll just want to replace the “value” with the appropriate contact merge fields, that way when the email is sent (or the link is clicked) the values populate with data from the Infusionsoft Contact Record, and prefill the appropriate Gravity Forms fields.


Hi @Greg_Jenkins,

Thank you for the reply. I figured it out few hours ago. Yes, this is the one that I used too and it works! :slight_smile:


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The link in the email can contain the contact’s id or email address. From that point forward, however, you’re outside of IS and retrieving the contact information will require the API. Other option is to send all the information you need in the url and make the parameter names identical to the id names of the elements to populate


This solutions appears to no longer work – at least in campaign builder where we run all of our campaigns. The system replaces the merge fields with a ‘contact key’ such as:

How can we work around this in campaign builder?

Actually, @Ken_Hudspeth,

IS has had some issues with merge fields in emails lately. It may be that they just need to clear that up?