Trying to pass data from a link in an email to a gravity form?

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I am trying to pass data from an email link to a gravity form. To explain what I mean exactly, we have a team who call people back, we want to be able to send them an email with the client’s basic data and then when they click the link in the email, it will pre populate the form with their name, email etc. They will then fill in additional information in the form.

I have used the following in the link:

But it doesn’t seem to be passing the data. It sends the data of the person emailed for instance, in my case, it adds my email address and my name.

Am I confusing how this works? Is it possible to do?

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Many thanks in advance.

Hey Tom,

Build your link using an HTML snippet in the email builder (use the Legacy Email Builder if you can). That should do the trick.

By default Infusionsoft links populate when the link is clicked, and they use the RECIPIENT’S info for merge fields appended to the URL. Obviously not what you want in this case.

So, by building the URL in an HTML snippet, it removes link tracking, and allows you to construct the link as the email is SENT, rather than as the link is clicked. That means it’ll use the contacts details rather than the recipients.

Hope that helps.

Hi Greg

Thanks for your response.

I tried to do this by creating and email from create HTML email in actions with in the campaign email builder, but it still sends the recipient data. I also tried creating a plain text and HTML email in the Legacy builder and it still had the same effect. Am I understanding you correctly?

I am just using HTML code but it is still converting the link.

Many thanks for your help in advance.


@Tom_Street, that link URL construction will work perfectly if the link is going to an Infusionsoft hosted form or if using the Javascript code. But a Gravity form doesn’t know what to do with it…I’m not an expert in Gravity forms but I believe you’ll need some script on the receiving page where that Gravity form is hosted to look for the params appended to the form OR if you are using the Infusionsoft plugin for Gravity forms, that should facilitate this.

Would you be open to just using an Infusionsoft hosted form? Your team are the only ones seeing/using the form so it doesn’t have to look super pretty. We do this all the time. You could also use an “old” Infusionsoft hosted landing page since they do have a nicer look.

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for you advice. We have a work around now which is fine. It seems to work if you just add the link into the email as text but not a hyperlink and then just allow the email browser to turn the text into a hyperlink if that makes sense.

Thanks for all the advice.


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That’s great, @Tom_Street. Yes, what you’re doing is essentially the same thing that Gregory suggested (using an HTML snippet.) A snippet is different than the whole email done in full HTML code. The reason people usually use an HTML snippet is so that a text link (without all the appendages showing) can be created. But what you are doing will be fine. I’m assuming you are using the Infusionsoft plugin for integrating the Gravity form with Infusionsoft?

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Hello Tom,

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