Pass contact info to a link email

I want to pass contact information to a link URL in an email. I see that I can do that with an Automation Link but I need to do this in a campaign and apparently Automation Links do not work in campaigns. We have a web form on a page of our website where users submit their name and email to request access to one of our free apps. When the web form is submitted the campaign then sends an email to the user with a link to the app on our site. We want to append user contact information (email or an ID#) to the link URL so we can personalize the web page for the user. Is there a way to do this in a campaign? It doesn’t appear that we can do this with a campaign goal.

Hmmm… Good question. How do you mean “personalize” the web page?

If it’s a WordPress site, then you probably want Jeremy Shaprio’s URL Params Plugin. I don’t use it myself, but from what I understand it can do what you’re asking:

That plug-in would work on our Wordpress site but we still need to have the parameters in the URL that comes from Infusionsoft. Personalizing the web page might simply say “Hello Greg” when Greg clicks the link in the email that takes him to the web page. Actually, what we want to do is more involved in that but the question is how do we append some contact information (such as an email or ID#) to the link URL in an email from within a campaign? Can it be done?

Gotcha, yes, if I’m understanding correctly what you’re looking for is building a URL string.

This article talks about how to do it for a LeadSource, but the same logic could be applied for building links that send information to your web page.

It’d look like this:

Where Value 1 is the wesbite listening for the contact’s first name, and ~Contact.FirstName~ is the merge syntax in Infusionsoft for First name,

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your answer to this question - I am looking to build a URL string.

However, the string you’ve given is a bit confusing regarding the explanation of Value1 and Value2.

If, for example, I want to be able to see the contact First Name & Last Name when they click through from an infusionsoft email to my site, what would the URL string look like for that?

The values would be replaced with whatever value the landing page calls the first and last name fields.

There should be shortcodes or something in the page to populate what comes over. [first_name] for example on the landing page you’d replace value1=~Contact.FirstName~.