Where is my old information

where is my data…gone missing

Can you be a little more clear on what is missing. If you are speaking of in app data, like records and such, I would urge you to reach out to our technical support team to work with them to track down what is missing, and what has happened.

my data from new leads gen is missing?

If you have noticed that data was once in the system, but is now missing, this can be a result of a number of things. I would still highly recommend chatting in with our weekend customer support team, or, calling in via phone on Monday when our phone team is online again, as they will be able to work with you to hopefully find out what is causing data to be missing.

The few times we hear reports like this, it is often tied to a specific action, like a misconfigured ‘Modify Existing Records import’ or an API related thing, if you have integrations that can update records.

Again, please reach out to our support team, via phone (Mon-Fri) or via the in app chat (24/7) at your earliest convenience, and they will be able to work with you on this situation.