I'm either loosing my mind or IS is not saving "stuff" in the Contact Record

I’m the FIRST one to say if I’ve overlooked something - Flat out, I say to my boss - I forgot to do it, we all make mistakes/overlook things. It happens.

But when I KNOW for a FACT that I went into a Contact Record and not only updated addresses, emails and other information, but I mean A LOT of information - There are custom URL’s I have built that link to other websites, Tags etc…

I know (I just KNOW) that I did all of the above yet it wasn’t saved? Are we having problems with saving?

I’ve checked to see if I was logged in more than once? Nope
I checked to see if there was more than 1 contact record? Nope

Anything else I could check to prove I did it (for me, not my boss) - Because I KNOW I did it!! SMH!!

Hey, @Cindy_Glover. I don’t see any noise in the Support chat about contacts not saving, nor do I see anything on the known issues page. I just logged in to my account and played around it seems to be working ok. Under the tags section on the contact record there is a “last updated” date/time stamp that you could use to verify if you updated the contact recently.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it @martinc! I really do appreciate it!

Yeah - I looked at that AND I went as far as checking my history (I’ve spent WAY too much time on this).

Maybe I just didn’t save the record - Simple mistake but such a TIMELY one in this instance.

I wonder if there’s a way (or a suggestion) to have IS prompt you before leaving a Contact Record?

@Pav would probably be the best person to answer that question as he builds browser extensions for Infusionsoft.