Sending an Email from Contact Record? Formatting issues?

when we send an email from the contact record - All of the formatting is lost???


Good luck getting a response that actually provides a fix. There are bugs everywhere. My email templates display fine, test emails send fine. But when you broadcast it to an entire list it looses all its formatting as well. I’ve been back and forth for almost 8weeks with this particular issue. But similar issues have been happening for 6 years.

Play around, change the template, re set them up and test again. You might find a workaround yourself.

@Jonno_Rodd - It’s so frustrating - Please understand I am by faran advanced user but this seems to me a relatively easy fix?

@Cindy_Glover I agree, should be an easy fix.

But this is obviously a bug or a change no one is aware of in the system. Keep hounding them, I hope you get a good response.

I’ve just jumped ship to Klaviyo over the weekend, 7 years being an IS customer obviously means nothing to them in terms of the level of support they deliver.