Newbie (sort of) Question

Is there a way I can use the new email templates while attempting to send an email from the Contact Record? It looks like, well, just not professional and the formatting is FOREVER changing depending on what key I enter…

I’ve tried everything I could think of for this same issue. (without success).

I did manage to use the template builder to get to an “acceptable” version.

Might be a good question to ask in the Facebook group.

Good Luck!

Rick Bueckert

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I’m afraid not. The new templates are stored in a completely different manner and the contact send email doesn’t have support for it (yet). Possibly suggest this at

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Thanks John. Not the answer I was hoping for.

The issue I’m having is if I’m wrong an email from the Contact Record, the formatting gets jacked up if I hit the “Enter” key…quite frustrating!

If you know a work around, I’d greatly appreciate any input!


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To be honest, that’s been one of the sore spots for many but IS is trying to improve on it. The new email builder has been getting updated and is a far cry better than what was available. That said, there are some things to work on and they are doing so. That’s one of the reasons I suggested the tellus page as the more suggestions for a feature that are registered, the higher on the production list it should go :wink:

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