Need to send emails that don't look like templates

We are trying to send individualized emails through IS. We don’t want it to look like a template or a mass email, so we’re running into the following problems:
-If we use a template, it’s not fully left aligned and max width is 675 so it doesn’t look like it’s send direct from a mail client like Outlook.
-If we use the email function within contact, we can send an email that does not look templated, but then we lose html formatting and we can’t cc anyone else.
Is this a correct synopsis of functionality? Or am I not seeing / understanding a function that could help us send personalized emails from within IS?

So the first issue is related to email clients as apposed to IS and/or templates itself. Each email client works with email details (html formatting is just one such subject) differently. On the second point, it is possible to edit the html of the email when sending individual emails to contacts but that sounds like a tedious approach and I rather doubt that would be what you intended?

Not being able to make width larger than 675 - that in itself make it look like a template or mass email, right? Or do you disagree?
Yes, editing the html each time would be tedious. So there’s no way to send email from the contact page with formatting / image?
I thought there was a way to send emails through IS that didn’t look like mass emails / templates? I think I’m missing something…

There are three primary methods for sending emails to contacts within IS.

  1. Email Broadcasts
  2. Emails sent from within campaigns
  3. Directly from the contact record

Each has it’s own templates available. You can edit those templates, but to make them different for everyone would be that tedious part we’ve talked about here. I’m not sure on the width part but I believe that IS defaults to limits on sizing to accommodate the majority of email viewers and mobile email readers as well.