Dashboard Missing when logging in?

I am logged into my account, and all I can see is Marketplace and Community. The account is not new and have never had a problem before.

Hi, @Fabrice_BEILLARD. Give Support a call. Also, if it is after hours, stay on the line to access emergency support. Contact Support | Max Classic

Thanks I will try that again today. I tried calling yesterday twice but both times it said I was calling after hours, it said to leave a message but each time the message did not seem to work.

Fabrice, I would wager that that means the login you’re using is not connected to your actual “app”.

When you log in you should see the community, the marketplace, and any accounts that you’re a user on; if you’re not seeing any accounts, then it’s possible you’ve somehow been detached from the app (support would be able to resolve that), or it’s possible you have accidentally created a new login (do you have a different email address you may have used previously?), or, if you’re not the admin on that particular account, it’s possible you were removed as a user.

Thanks. I was able to call through to support to find that there is a problem with my account.