I can't get to my dashboard

i’m trying to connect to my dashboard and it’s taking me to 403 error page. what could be the problem?

Hi @Joseph_Christopher

Hmm… I’ve never seen a 403 error, in reference to logging into the application itself. I have seen this in reference to HTTP Posts, but never logging in.

I just took a look at your app and I was able to get into it. I would recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies, and attempting to log in again.

If you continue to see this error, I would recommend giving our support team a ring at 1-866-800-0004 Ext 2, as they have some tests that they can run with you, to try to help identify any issues with the connection to our server.


I’ve seen that only once before (when I caused it lol).

If you goto your account profile (the person silloette in the IS menu


Then click ‘Edit my profile’. Then click the preferences tab and look at default start page. Make sure that Dashboard is selected and then save.