Missing Bounces

In the last week, our bounces have disappeared. We typically get somewhere between 7-200 bounces but we have had 0 bounces since August 4. It is nearly impossible to think that we have a “clean data” as Infusionsoft help tells us, especially since we have had new agents sign on, and have started marketing to a new list.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a way to explain this?

Bounces are processed by a queue which can fall behind on occasion. Once bounces are successfully processed, they’re pushed to your application and show up inside your reporting tools. So, any “missing” bounces will eventually appear inside of your application once they’re processed.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

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Hi David,

Thanks for the clarification. What’s the longest delay in queue processing that you’ve heard of before? We have been (and still are) experiencing this issue since August 7, 2017. Since then, all of our emails have magically had zero bounces.

Would appreciate any further insight that you may have.

Hi Patty,

I’ll give you some live, real world numbers. We currently have 49 bounce emails that haven’t been processed yet. That number will probably be 0 before I’m even done typing this. So, the issue you’re experiencing must be due to something else, which I’d be happy to look into. Can I get your app name?

Thank you so much; I definitely would appreciate it.

Our app name is wy299. Please let me know what you discover!

Hi Patty,

I’m not certain what’s going on with your app. My servers process the bounce by inserting a record into a database table in your app. There’s a worker process of some sort that’s supposed to run every 15 minutes that updates the status for any contacts that need updating (hard bounces, etc), updates the reporting, and then empties that table out.

Right now, I’m showing that table has records going back to August 8th. So, the bounces aren’t lost, but that worker process hasn’t cleaned out that table for your app in a very long time. I’ve never worked on that subsystem, so I don’t know why it isn’t working as expected, but I’m going to flag down some developers and we’ll get it sorted out.

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Thanks, David. I’ll stay tuned for more updates.

This is part of a larger issue affecting more than just you. Our developers are working on it and I’m going to push for the fix to be released as part of tonight’s deployment.

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The deployment is still ongoing, but your app has received the update and I’ve confirmed that all of your bounces now correctly reflect inside the application. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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Thanks, David!

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When you see transient results, it’s often due to a mail server temporarily getting on a black list. This happens with every email sending platform and is usually cleared up in a short order of time. Until reporting agencies improve their automations in their feed back loops then senders will have this occasionally happen.