Vacation Request Campaign

To kick-off this discussion section, I created a proof-of-concept campaign you can check-out as well as a standard problem solving workflow. This would be an example of a first attempt to procure a solution to a common business process. How would you solve this problem?

Campaign Name: HR - Vacation Request
Problem: Small teams of employees have no systematized way to request time off. Supervisors are not accurately documenting requests which results in broken scheduling and light shifts
Proposed Solution Version 1.0: An automated system for employees to request time-off and supervisors to accept/reject these requests.
Measurement of Success: 10% increase in shift forecasting accuracy in the first 90 days.

After 90 Days…

Actual Results: 2% increase in forecasting accuracy after 90 days.
Learning(s): Supervisors were not notified 1 week prior to vacation start date which resulted in several scheduling issues.
Next iteration: In version 2.0, we will update the “Approved sequence” to send the supervisor a reminder email 1 week prior to vacation start date.

Version 1.0 Solution:

  1. Employee fills-out vacation request form. Vacation request days are set in custom fields

  2. Supervisor receives an email to approve or decline the request. Clicking one of these links, creates the appropriate tag to start the next campaign sequence.


  1. If approved, the employee is notified via email. Then, a reminder email to sent 1 day prior to the vacation start day to remind the employee to set their OOO reply in their email client.

4, If declined, employee is notified via email.