Using notes with http posts

Hi, everyone.

Does anyone know if it is possible to send the ID of a particular note in infusionsoft to an external server via infusionsoft’s http posts in campaigns?
Or any other method for that matter, I’m open to anything.
Tried merging but that doesn’t seem to work.
I can get all the notes for a specific contact via the api but in my use case, I’d need to send a specific note ID from IS to my server and I can’t seem to figure that part out.

There is a ‘watch notes’ API that you can use. Depending on how you are working with the data after retrieving, you could use the ‘watch notes’, then with that data, pull the ContactID and get the contact info associated with the note, marry that together, and then deliver that info to your end destination.

Another option – if you are trying to do something where you have a Contact that has a Note applied and you then want to immediately drive some sort of action/recordation of that Note, is that you could trigger the HTTPs post to run a ‘get notes’ for that contact, but then filter so that you only get Notes that have been created in the past minute, so that you only get the most recent note and then use that data to feed to the end point.

Just some ideas of the work-arounds, as I don’t know of a specific way to send an exact contact-triggered Note ID to an end point.

Hope that helps.


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No problem.
Hope it helps.