Use same email for many users' signature

Hi All,

Since we started to use IS a few years ago, I was able to manage to add new users using their personal email and, after they login for the first time, I was able to change the email field (on users admin) to a common mail box. My customer service team, for example, don’t want their personal email to be disclosed to customers, so everyone use the customerservice@ mail box as their signature email but login with their personal email.
All was going well until today. When I was adding a new user - surprise! - “Invalid Email, the email: is linked to another user”

Does anybody know why is this happening now?



It doesn’t allow more than one user to have the same login so it would have to be setup with another email first and then once login and registration has happened it could be changed…it’s the initial process that matters. It sounds like that’s what you had done in the past and only now want to start the process with the dupllicate user on the email. If you change that first to a temporary email and then after they confirm, change it to the other one, it should work.

Hi John, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I haven’t change my process. I’m doing exactly the same way - first the user verify the email using their personal account and then I edit and change. The issue is that stop working this way now. If you go to previous users that you created ages ago and try to hit save without change a thing, you receive the same message.

I reckon some rule had change on IS and we don’t know here.

If you have a similar situation, try to go to one of the users and hit save to see if you get this message too.

What I mean is you’re indicating that you’re trying the other email up front (from your wording anyway) rather than starting with their personal email?

This are the steps that I’m doing:

  1. Create a new user using the user’s personal email and first name
  2. Waiting for the user to accept request
  3. Go back to the user’s profile, add the additional info (phone, website, etc) – save
  4. Go to the user profile, remove the personal email and add the business area email – save
  5. Get the error message

Always did that way and never got that message before

Also, if you open a current user that is using a business area email and try to save this user without change anything, the same msg appears.

Ok, so especially that last part would seem to indicate that IS recently began enforcing unique emails for users. You may want to ask support to confirm that but it sure has the ear-mark of it.