User email signature versus Signatures (Legacy)

I am incredibly frustrated over recent advice I was given by support and what appears to be a new feature coming soon. My feature is that this new feature will silently be introduced and we won’t have control over our personal email addresses being shared with our contacts.

I noticed the new Email Signature section on the User record. We don’t ever want to send out emails with our personal email address, so I followed the instructions “Use the other fields on this page to modify the information that appears in this email signature” by first removing the email address from this page. That didn’t work because when I logged into Infusionsoft, it asked me to fill in my email address.

I contacted support and they told me to put our generic company email address that I want to use for the user. I thought that was going to work because it allowed me to put our on multiple Infusionsoft user records. However, this has the adverse effect of sending all Task notifications to our email address instead of the actual user.

I went back and put our real email addresses in the user email field. What happened then really frustrated me. Infusionsoft went to a huge campaign with probably 50+ emails and instead of keeping the from address specified as “Other” using for the return address, it changed all 50+ emails to our personal email addresses. Now I have to go back and modify every single email in this campaign to reset the email address back to Other.

I asked support what this new Email Signatures feature is for and they said it is for the new email builder. However, when I put in the merge field for logged in user or owner, it is still showing the Legacy signature, which I have complete control over.

My fear is that one day Infusionsoft is going to just start using the new Email Signature field data and we won’t have any more control over what text is displayed.

Does anyone know what the plan is for this new Email Signature feature and how I can modify it without messing everything else up?


Hi Mike,

I wanted to share a little clarity behind the two signatures. Currently, in the new builder, the ‘Newer’ email signature, is used specifically with the ‘Signature’ snippet, in the new builder. We have enabled the option for the (legacy) signature in newer apps, and have let it remain in older apps, as the feedback that you have surrounding the lack of control over the newer signature is something that our development team is working on.

The Legacy signature that has full control, can be utilized in the new builder, via merge fields, as you have seen.

As we have continued to receive feedback, it was important for us to leave the legacy functionality available, until advancements and updates are made to the newer signature.

I wanted to invite you to share some feedback with our team on this, as you seem to provide a great deal of insight into what is or isn’t working for you. This is the style of feedback that our development team is looking for.

If you have some time to share some feedback, on this, or any other functionality in the app, I encourage you to share this with us at

Mike, I really hope I’m not the bearer of bad news, but if you had two users each using the “help@” address you may want to check any emails that were set to come FROM that user(s).

I had this exact same issue about a year ago, and here’s the deal in a nutshell (or at least what happened to me):

When two users update their user record the use the SAME email address, the system updates all emails to use the more recent user info with that address.

So, my assistant changed his email to match mine (long story as to why, but that’s not the point).

Then, he changed it back to his own email address.

All the emails in our system were somehow updated to be coming FROM his updated email address. So, they were coming from me, then they weren’t. So for the past year I’ve slowly been going through all campaigns and emails to make sure they’re coming from me now instead of from him, and we’ve nearly found them all, but every now and again he gets a reply from someone, and I have to go find that email and change it back to my address. Not fun. Not a good use of anyones time.

I’m calling this out because I’m dealing with it, but I’d love to see Infusionsoft put some focus on this before it becomes a really big issue for someone else.

Thanks for the reply, Greg. Yes, this is the same exact thing I experienced. I’m deeply disappointed that Infusionsoft support would first tell me to update multiple user account to the same email address. Now I have a huge campaign that I have to go and fix.

I’m glad to hear that Infusionsoft is going to continue supporting the legacy signature for now so that we have control over what is displayed to the user.

Yeah, to be fair, I suspect they didn’t know about this issue. Outside of you and I - I’ve never seen it before, and I’ve seen a lot of “quirks”.