Infusionsoft forcing mailing duplicate can-spam mailing address in email

Hey all -

I’m having some trouble with an html email I created. It has the mailing address already built into the coding and is placed nicely and very visibly in the footer.

For some reason, when I preview and send the email to test, Infusionsoft is forcing their own version on the b usiness mailing address into the email in the bottom left in one line. Unfortunately, it looks super tacky with the font, color, link color and placement.

I know its there because of can-spam but it doesn’t make sense that it can’t be removed since it’s already built into the email elsewhere with the exact same information.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Nevermind :slight_smile:

Apparently, if you don’t use their merge code, it does that.

Hi Nichole,

I just got into the office and saw this. Glad you got this figured out. Yes, you are correct in finding that if the Can-Spam merge field is not included, the system will automatically place it in, possibly causing a ‘duplicate’ address block if you have manually created one of your own.

Thankyou for posting an update on figuring this out, as this could help others in the future.