Spam emails being sent through Infusionsoft Email Broadcast mail server


We have been experiencing a lot of spam emails from unknown senders which have been using the same return path that InfusionSoft Email Broadcast uses - Has anybody else faced this issue?

Occasionally it has happened. IS is fighting hard to prevent it but needs to be notified when that happens so that they can pursue the proper actions to stop it. @David_Carriger, who might @Neha_Gupta report these too?

Thanks @John_Borelli. The tough IT security at my organization has blocked all the mails coming from this return path because of the added spams that it brings and I am afraid this might be happening at my customers/ prospects side of the business. Will await for any response on how to resolve this from the fellow community members.

@Lyle_Lamb would knock some sense into the spammer

Hi there,
Do you have exmaples of these emails that you could forward to me? Please send to

Thank you for letting us know about this.


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Here is a few subjects line from the spammers -
Weight Loss Made Easy
Used forklifts up to 30% off this week.
“My belly fat disappeared…”
FLASH FRENZY $4.99 Dry Pouches

My main concern here is how are these spamming companies getting access to my mailing list? Is InfusionSoft sharing my list? Also, the fact that my broadcasts are being blocked by the IT security of my organization (and I suspect at my clients’/prospects’ organizations too) is affecting me bad.


IS does not share your information but spammers do not need them to. Anywhere information is in websites/webforms, spammers send out “scraper” bots that essentially read the html of a page and pull out user data based on that. They then create lists that they sell to people who intend to cold mail market (ie without your invitation). So if your name were on the marketplace, for example, someone can write a small program the loads the page and scrapes information from it and then they have an Infusionsoft centered mailing list. The fact that some are actually using Infusionsoft to spam Infusionsoft users is one of the biggest issues here. That’s why it’s important to pass this information on to IS so they can identify the app and it’s owner and ban them.

Thank you for explaining the issue @John_Borelli.
I will try to get some details from IT team. If I can I will send them across to @Lyle_Lamb.

Hi, I sent a couple of test emails today. The arrived with a serious looking spam warning. Here is a screenshot 12.16.2018-16.28.57. Of course, I hit the “Looks Safe” button after I recorded it. Naturally, I’m concerned. I’ve never seen this in years of IS broadcasts. I ran the Spam Check several times. It shows OK. Is there anything I can do to make this go away? On spec, because he asked below, I’m sending a copy of the email from my IS account to Lyle Lamb.

Many thanks!
Barney Davey

Perhaps I got jumpy. I sent a test to a friend in Canada. He did not get the warning, so I sent my blast. None of my accounts in the blast list got the warning.