Infusionsoft Emails Going to Spam

We have noticed that our customers who use Outlook and Office 365 are not receiving our campaign emails and they are going their spam folders. Our customers who use Gmail can receive these emails just fine. Is anyone else having this issue or have had it in the past? We even contacted Infusionsoft Support and they said there’s nothing they can do and that we have to manually white list our email address with every client. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve this problem?

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Delivery to Microsoft emails (outlook, office, hotmail) has been an issue for a while. It shows up periodically on the ‘known issues’ page, but seems to always be there.

One alternative is


What’s the domain name. This is most commonlly caused by missing DKIM/SPF and sometimes even DMARC. I can tell you if SPF and/or DMARC are missing and under the Marketing->Settings there’s an option for Email Authentication that you should have a validated DKIM confirmation on. If it’s not there then that’s the biggest one and will most definitely cause bounces and junk folder placement (especially with O365 or Outlook).

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Yes, this is important. But its not enough, we have same problems. 90% emails sent to Office365, goes somewhere, not spam, and IS customer support tell us, theres nothing we can do, cause emails have left their servers correctly. Same email, sent with Zoho, or Gmail, no badabim go to inbox folder. Someone is facing the same problem? How can we solve?

Hi, @Gabriele_Maschio1,

I can’t say at this point if it’s the only thing, but we use O365/Outlook online as well and when this started it was when DMARC was put into use. Adding DMARC resolved the issue for us…basically, Exchange servers are requiring the existence of DMARC at the very least. In the future, however, Microsoft will also be implementing BIMI which will not just require DMARC to exist but also for DMARC to use either quarantine or reject on all primary and sub-domain names.

There certainly could be other issues but that is one that would yield this result for certain.

As today there are problems with emails again.
Office 365 alway marks as spam every infusionsoft email also with domain authentication.

We are experiencing this also sending to Office 365 recipients (including ourselves in testing). SPF, DKIM and DMARC all enabled and configured also. if you want to verify…