SPAM? How do we improve open-rates on broadcast emails?

We have recently watched our open-rates for broadcast emails go from 67% to 36% a year ago and from 36% to just 18% in the last 7 months… upon further inquiry with follow-up calls to clients, most of them never even saw our emails! Those who did, found them in Spam or “Promotions” files.
This is true even for our own employees?! How do we fix this?

Hi @Justin_Rohner,

This is actually a big subject. We do this as a service but there are a lot of factors involved and it really takes an app review and domain review along with content analysis and finally history to determine where the pain points for deliverability are. If you noticed this over the last 7 months then there is a good chance that the new DMARC requirements for most email servers has a part in this which involves looking at both SPF and DKIM records and IS validation.

Hi @Justin_Rohner,

To mirror John, DMARC may be a part of it although there are several other items to check, outside of content. You need to ensure your DKIM is setup within Infusionsoft, that your SPF and DKIM setting are configured properly in your hosting as well as checking of the blacklist monitors for your domain health.

I would ask you when was the last time you performed some list hygiene? If the answer is never, you could easily be hitting spam traps and bad email accounts.

I would also suggest looking at your engagement and auto list management. Good emails tend to go bad after time.

If you need some help here, please feel free to message me here or email me at Happy to take a look.