Broadcast email bounces

Have been experiencing greater email bounces from the broadcast system. Both test and the actual send. now up to 30% . But not from individual emails from single contacts. Have sent copy broadcast that has been sent before. Have been told to ask receiving email hosting company to remove spam filtering. Done but no effect. ( sent broadcast this with three different email accounts that are with different hosting companies). More hosting companies suddenly see the Infusionsoft broadcast email as spam, when he content has been sent before. Does anyone know why or how to cure this ?

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Do you have the required SPF, DKIM and DMARC set up for your accounts? Their purpose is to help with email deliverability.

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Hi Nancy thankyou for the reply. I am making the changes and will let you know how it goes . Tony


if you let us know the domain name I can let you know about spf and dmarc setup. the dkim setup would require app access or an email sent from your app.


Will you look at my spf and dmarc? I have them setup but still seeing a ton of emails going to spam or promotional. The domain is

Hi @Joey_Cole,

Your SPF and DMARC look ok.

I can’t tell by code about the DKIM but you should have something like below in your IS app under email authentication if it’s setup right (that is to say, it should have that green checkmark symbol if it’s setup)


You may need to contact HostKarm who is saying you are a positive check for their junk mail filters (meaning it’s not the same as being black listed but a junk folder recommendation it seems)

My DKIM does have the green check mark. I checked HostKarm but I don’t see my domain listed.