Gmail marking my broadcasts as "This may be a spoofed message"

We love that our company account allows you to send broadcasts “from” different users. However, when some of our broadcasts land in Gmail inboxes, this warning shows at the top:
"Be careful with this message

This may be a spoofed message. The message claims to have been sent from your account, but #Company Name# Mail couldn’t verify the actual source. Avoid clicking links or replying with sensitive information, unless you are sure you actually sent this message. (No need to reset your password, the real sender does not actually have access to your account!)"

Any advice?

Have you included the infusionsoft mail servers in your zone file as authorized to send mail on your domain’s behalf?

Please configure DKIM for your domain and that notice should go away.

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You’ll want to configure BOTH DKIM and SPF. Even though IS sends an SPF record that accounts for their server sending, it does not account for email clients that ALSO use it for inbox placement and DKIM (the most important one) will be needed to even verify that IS has your ok to send on behalf of your domain name. See documentation for both.

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