My emails are labeled "dangerous" and "stealing personal information" by gmail recipients


Last week we went through the process of setting up my DKIM record in er152.
After my broadcast today gmail recipients were advised that

Today I sent out 15,000 emails and it was reported that email recipients were receiving the following message in GMAIL inboxes:

You can appreciate this message is very bad for my reputation.

I can confirm that my DKIM record is working in my email provider:

I did an MXTOOLBOX lookup on my domain.

I can see the DMARC record is not found nor have I set one up.

Could this be the reason for my email being labelled as having been used to steal personal information?

Interestingly, my domain is managed by google apps so it’s weird Google is labelling it spam (or worse)

What do I do?

Our emails say the same!!!

Still no response from Infusionsoft AND support is closed on a Monday in Australia. Thankfully we’re moving to Active Campaign so this just brings it forward. I run active campaign on another website and they are amazing.

I should add that I spend a couple of hours on Friday evening talking to Google. After much research they confirmed that Infusionsoft is Blacklisted (or the particular IP addresses was).