Open rates not being recorded

My team sent out our usual weekly newsletter yesterday through Infusionsoft to over 12,000 people. Normally, we see about a 9% open rate by the end of the day when we send out a newsletter. As of this morning, Infusion tells me we have a 0% open, which I know isn’t true because I received and opened the email myself as did my assistant and one client that we know of. I did a quick ask in one of my group coaching programs and some of them got the email while some did not. My assistant tried talking with tech support through chat this morning and was told, “sorry, it’s working on our end.” We sent out another email this morning to a small group, and that email is also showing 0% open, which I know isn’t true because I received and opened that email, too.

Anyone have a thought about what’s going on or how to fix it?

So a few things here:

  1. If you can confirm even 100 emails opening it would be reported as 0% when compared to 12,000 emails. You cannot test anything that way as your numbers will be far too low to indicate anything significant.
  2. You should be seeing something greater than 0%, however, without doubt. So I’m sure something is going on their in terms of reporting the number.
  3. Your open rate numbers are extremely subjective. Every email client reports opens for different reasons and alot of emails can and will be reported as opened when they have never even been seen.
  4. Do you have DKIM and SPF setup specifically for use with Infusionsoft. NOTE: you can have DKIM/SPF correctly setup for your domain and still not have it setup for Infusionsoft to deliver your emails successfully. This amounts to just being able to get your emails through the front door and can represent not even getting into an inbox or junk folder (which is more affected by your content and reputation that anything else). If DKIM is setup then you will show evidence of it in your IS app similar to the image below:

    If you do not see this then it is not properly setup and likely, neither would SPF be.