Deliverability - Email sent trough Infusionsoft campaign

Hi everyone,
I’m Sébastien from Montréal.
This is my first post in the Infusionsoft community,

I’m actually completing a quite big project and i’d like to have some opinions on my issue before accepting it as a normal thing.

Here is my setup :
-I have set the DKIM key in infusionsoft. From received email headers, it looks like it’s in there.
-When sending in my campaign, i’m sending from/as an approved infusion mail user from my domain.
-When sending email trough infusionsoft campaign, every link in the email is converted to
-I’m trying to have less link (href) as possible in emails.
-I’m showing the unsubscribe and the physical address of the company in the sent mail

Here is the result of my tests
I’ve created several mail box (on 0365) and ran few test of my campaigns. I had many instances running, and some mail were sent to different addresses (all fresh mail box).
When comparing the results, I’ve realized that some users (brand new created email addresses) had the email in their inbox while some other had it in their spam !? How to explain since it’s the same mail sent to different mail box on the same server, all fresh mail box.
My conclusion were that they are sent by random server and some had better rating then some other. This ends up creating randomness in the devilry coming from infusionsoft.

If you were to give me one or two advises to make sure my email end up in their inbox, what would they be?

We are about to run our project in some huge company. If I can’t find solution fast, i’m now thinking of a way to white-list our email in their inbound rules.

I would have liked that our mail wouldn’t display link from infusion :

but more something like

is it possible?

I’ve worked so much on this project, I would warmly appreciate any help from experienced user of the community. Thank you for reading about my issue. Don’t hesitate to send me stuff to read as well if you think i’m missing something.


What’s the domain name? A check can be done to show the details of what is or is not working.

In regard to DKIM, you’ve indicated that you have it setup to send in the header of the email, but you didn’t say if it was setup on your domain name server…if not, that by itself will create a lot of soft bounce or junk folder emails.

You also need to have spf setup to validate you as a sender…it will significantly prevent inbox placement without it. When DMARC first started getting used by email clients, we did find that some emails were sent to junk (and in one case the email client refused to even acknowledge the email being received…no bounce, no failure reported…just dis-appeared into the void without any report on delivery).

As to the links, Infusionsoft converts any links to theirs to ensure link tracking, which is not an unusual approach. I would use links with an anchor tag to show it in the email as you would like but the link that specifies the url will still be there under the covers.

We handle infusionsoft deliverability matters for clients every day so the things I’ve mentioned I can say we’re sure of…lot’s of other things that can be done as well though :wink:

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Hi John, thank you so much for your reply!

The domain is :
The verification status (The server records was edited/verified a while ago
I’ve refreshed the verification status in Marketing/settings/Email authentication):
The DKIM record has been verified. Emails sent from this domain will be authenticated.

You also need to have spf setup to validate you as a sender

I didnt do modification to the spf regarding a specific sender, I only did it globally for the mentioned domain name trough “Marketing/settings/Email authentication” where I only have one entry.
In the section “Admin/Users” the status next to the user/email I’m sending from is Active.
When I’m making automated emails in the campaigns, I’ve set them to be sent from that same user from the drop down list.

I understand that if DMARC is used on the other side, it might cause issues.

I got it for the links, thank you!

Don’t hesitate to give me any tips, we are about to start the testing with our users (in a remote company) and I’m welcoming any best practices or tips to ensure the be delivery to inbox! Then i’ll see if we still need to do something on their side, i’d like to avoid since most of the time I know the client side is out of reach.

I’m ready to send you privately the email header from the message that ends up in the spam If you think it’s required?

Thank you again, and I look forward to have news from you.

you need to update your SPF record to include infusionmail
currently i see
v=spf1 -all

need to add

v=spf1 mx ~all


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Are you running through anything (proxies etc) like cloudflare? When I run my app that checks our clients servers for deliverability, no records are showing as existing and MXToolbox is agreeing with that.

DKIM is the most important. SPF isn’t necessary with IS because IS sends their own with emails but if you use other services to send emails, you would still need it and really should have it anyway. Also note, that you must make the spf references ONE record. Do not create multiple SPF records as most emial clients will only use the first one it finds, leaving your other changes useless. DMARC should be included BUT set it to p=none. You may wonder why none? Because while you don’t need DMARC for many email clients to let the email in the front door, there are servers that will require it and if you don’t have it present, they will default to the worse case scenario, which would be a bounce…so you want to have the record to cover those exceptions but you don’t want to have something that will exclusively deny alot because of the setting…so having p=none allows the record to be present (which prevents the server assuming the worse case scenario) while not being prohibitive.

Thank you Carl and John for helping me out! :smiley:
I’ve already made some corrections to the SPF records,
I Hadn’t the chance to run some tests yet, but I will be running some tests and posting some result this week-end.

Your help is much appreciated!

*I’ve setted a DMARC txt record with p=none. I’ve corrected the spf again (made sure there is only one entry), I was missing the “+mx” in the string. In the infusionsoft documentation there is also an “+a” but Carl didn’t recommend it in the record entry he suggested (I might try to add it, since i’m still stuck with random instances of messages ending in spam). MxToolbox is reporting no more errors from the result I get.

*As I’m in testing sessions I’m often sending few emails in a row that look kinda the same (I’ve accelerate the timing so those are sent fast 3 in 15 min.) One of the 3 email ends in the spam(middle one), while all the others inside and outside of this sequence are fine. I’m running some other tests tomorrow with the latest tweaks I’ve made. Maybe having emails that are less the same(texts) and just sending them at there regular intervals (those 3 specific emails will be sent with few days in between), everything might already be alright :slight_smile: ! I’m starting to think emails with lots of text seem to be more likely to end in spam.

*I’m not aware of using any proxies, i’m still trying to figure out this part

Are you running through anything (proxies etc) like cloudflare? no records are showing as existing and MXToolbox is agreeing with that.

*I’ve seen that there is a tracking pixel, could it be the cause? Can i disable it on certain very functional emails to increase chance of getting in their inbox?


I’ve made couple test sessions,
The situation seem a bit better but I still feel randomness regarding hitting the Inbox.

I tried the email MxToolBox Email Header Analyzer

Here is an interesting result (Same email sent to 2 fresh new inboxes) :

*I’ve blurred some parts of the image that I can send privately if required.

I still wonder what could I do to make it better.

Is there an upgrade to have a detected server? Can I pay for a live session with professional assistance (such as you guys)?

If the best way to hit the inbox is to combine with another service, what is the best external service to hook it with ( Send Grid, Cake Mail, etc?) I’ve had and incredibile delevery ratio with Courrielleur from Montréal.

I still look forward to improve deleverability, I will continue to work on it and try to find some solutions. Anything is still welcome if you think i’m still missing something. (if you see any problem from your side, let me know - John is asking if i’m using a proxie but we dont)

Thank for reading my posts (Doing my best to make sure you understand my writing).

See DMARC & SPF Fail SPF return path may be the issue