Rejection of email blasts & campaigns emails

Hello, we are using Infusionsoft for our Herbal Detox and Slim programs out of New Zealand.

We need some help with getting emails through to people as certain email providers are listing us as spam and not letting the emails through. This is happening in campaigns and in email blasts.

Any suggestions on how we can sort it? We don’t do a double opt in at the moment and on some items use Leadpages opt in forms.

Any ideas?

Two things that are involved are delivery and inbox placement. SPF/DKIM must specifically be setup on your server and within your IS app to accommodate delivery. Inbox placement is a combination of delivery and content. Your responses (click rates) are directly and only affected by content. Spam reports are generated by either the user or the email client identifying content as likely spam based on wording, number of images, links etc.