Spam mail

Good Morning,

We have a problem. The email addresses that we use in infusionsoft, the mail servers detect as SPAM. When we send emails from outlook, with the same address, they do not reach their recipient. How do we stop being SPAM and get to the main tray? What solution do you advise us?

There’s actually a LOT to it but the basics are first, authentication. You’ll need to ensure DKIM/SPF/DMARC are all setup on you domain server. The second is domain reputation. On occasion, an IS server that sends mail will get on a blacklist but it is also common for someones domain name to get on a blacklist as well. Using something like can help you find out. Beyond that, your content plays a part. Though it would take something extreme in content to identify an email as spam so it’s more likely one of the first two items.