Emails Going to Spam from Infusion Soft

We have noticed that our InfusionSoft emails, going to our customers are often being sent to spam. In our Inufusion Soft we have set Email Authentication that has a validated DKIM confirmation under Marketing->Settings as mentioned in one of the issues in Keap Community for infusion soft Infusionsoft Emails Going to Spam. Is there anything else that should be done to solve this problem ?
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Only about ten percent of the controllable details can be managed by/in the service you use…aka Keap/Infusionsoft. There are a TON of elements that effect inbox placement.

It’s good that you’re covering authentication, but that’s actually the smallest and easiest part of inbox delivery. That keeps your email from getting bounced most of the time but it doesn’t place you into the inbox. Still, there are a number of things for you to check and above and beyond that, to consider.

First, double check that your domain hasn’t made it onto a black list. That would cause issues for certain. Next, try to segment what domains (like for example) because that will help with the third thing. The second thing is to setup SPF and DMARC as well. Keap does send an SPF record but it gets also used in inbox placment, which keap doesn’t cover. DMARC is required by some inbox providers and not having it setup will definitely get you to junk.

There are variable issues, especially with apple servers, but sometimes microsoft servers and other times verizon servers specifically, that will represent an increase in negative placment. This is why I suggest segmenting the email attempts in order to try to identify if that’s the case here.