Merge Fields in CAN-SPAM Footer

I’m baffled as to how there are now Merge options in the CAN-SPAM footer area. Doesn’t InfusionSoft have clients who are agencies sending emails on behalf of their clients? The fact that this field will only populate my agencies’ contact information is incredible. Is there a work-around for this so I can merge info?

Honestly, I’ve never heard this come up before. We’ve always required a merged CAN-SPAM address as far back as I can remember. It holds the actual sender responsible for the content of the email. I took at a look at Mailchimp and Hubspot and they also use merge fields. It looks like Campaign Monitor allows you to edit the address block on-the-fly when creating your template which makes sense being that they market their product to agencies.

Hey Martin, you’re definitely right. I’m a MailChimp user as well and they do use Merge Fields but it allows you to merge from the contact info of a specific list you’re sending to. Each list (company if you’re an agency) has its own contact info that can be filled so that the CAN-SPAM automatically matches the business/company associated with the list.

Is there any chance that this type of feature could be added in the future to support agencies? Right now I’ve got four different companies (one of which has 10 different locations with different contact info) and I’m not really sure how to move forward.

I’m pretty sure Infusionsoft explicitly recommends against using Infusionsoft on behalf of other businesses.

The canSpam address block in the footers of the emails is one reason why; but also the system-wide unsubscribe doesn’t discriminate between “brands” inside one application. There are a few other considerations that are outlined pretty well in this post from @Brett_Farr .


My understanding is the same as @Greg_Jenkins’s.

I’ve never found a way around this problem. I do agree that it would be useful for certain instances. In the meantime, I’ve seen others put something like “Email Marketing Provided by [Agency Name] at [Address]”

Disclaimer: :slight_smile: I’m not exactly sure the stance of Infusionsoft on using their product for other businesses.

Yes, we have a problem with this too - we have a separate customer base in the UK and in Ireland, so need a different name and postal address on the footer even though it’s the same product. The only solution Infusionsoft recommended was to go into the email default settings before sending each email and changing it to the relevant postal address. Very time consuming and frustrating having to do it for every single email when it’s something that should be automated.