How do i set up multiple accounts under one email address?

How do i set up multiple accounts under one email address?

Hi Emily. Are you asking how to link your infusionsoft log-in email and password, to additional Infusionsoft applications?

Hi @Emily_Dixon,

Yeah, there are a few ways this question could be read:

“I want to login with one email address to access all of my Infusionsoft apps”
“I want to setup multiple uses in my Infusionsoft app using the same email address”
“I want multiple contacts in my Infusionsoft app to use the same email address”

More details? :wink:

Thanks, John! It is a little confusing… I have one email address to manage 2 different Ifusionsoft accounts but I’m not sure how to set up the second one. When I login I only see 1

That sounds like you don’t have the same email on the user records in both. Create a user invite in the one that doesn’t have the email address you want to use and make sure it is given the same email address. Once that user invite is accepted, you should be able to login once and see both apps.

The other possibility, if you know both emails are the same in both apps, is that one of the apps hasn’t had the invite email sent responded to and so it isn’t registering yet.