Connecting contacts or email addresses together for Sales purposes

More and more contacts are using multiple email addresses creating multiple records for the same person. For example, a contact becomes a student of our seminary. Their application and payment then sets them up as a contact in Infusionsoft. My automation is set up so that when they order a course in the future, their instructor is notified. However, many students are now using a separate email address when they pay for their course, such as with PayPal. Now they have a new record in Infusionsoft and the automation for notifying the instructor cannot be kicked off.

Is there a way to somehow connect the two emails to the same student so that when they place an order with the one email address, that it allows the email address based on their application to kick of our automation?

The same instances happen when someone else pays for a students course.

Thank you.

Obviously, there really isn’t a way to know when the same person submits different information per se. If there were a unique identifier involved, such as an account id, then a link in an email to a webform or orderform could then populate a field with that account id and clearly identify them. In the absence of such a unique identifier, however, there would be no way to tell who it is giving the new information (not accurately anyway).

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Thank you John. Quick response.