Annual account/contact update

We would like to send an “account update” request to all of our customers to make sure we have their correct address and contact information.

Mainly, we want to make sure we have the correct email and phone number for the accounting person at our customer. These people are currently tagged with an “Accounting” tag. We also have a “primary” contact at the customer that is our first contact with the customer.

Anyone have any advice or do something similar and can share how they did it?

Jennifer if I understand you question correctly - the Accounting person is stored as one contact and the primary is stored as another.

If that is correct, then the best way I know to do this is through a “pre-populated” webform that you send them an email with a link to the webform for them to update. (use hidden field to identify, pre-populate and protect the email address of the original contact as the Contact ID is tied to that email address) Make better web forms | Max Classic
The issue will be having that data update the primary contact record if there are changes. As these are 2 separate contacts within the application. The easiest and simplest way to accomplish this is to have a task assigned to someone if the webform is completed. There are ways to automate updating records through third party options, but not simple enough for me to explain here.

IF the contacts are stored within the same contact ID then it becomes much more difficult. Because Infusionsoft cannot “pre-populate” the form with details from the contact ID as they take that data from the email address and this would be a different email address from the main contact I assume. That will often result in over writing the data in the original contact.

So without more details on how this is setup in your app - I can’t give a complete solution.


Hi @Jennifer_Henning,

As @Nancy_Seeger1 has indicated, the real issue is knowing which belongs to or is associated with which contact. Since they will both be contacts (the customer and the accounting person), the association must be declared in a way that isn’t just identifiable by human eyes but also actionable within Infusionsoft. There are options like linked contacts and that could be used to make the association but then it wouldn’t allow actions to get taken based on that information…unless, an api solution were to resolve that by raising a tag under the given conditions. Then you would be able to preform what actions you would like.

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