Updating e-mails

Is there a way to have the customers automatically tagged if an e-mail address changes and/or a new customer is added? We want our new customers and our updated customers to be tagged so that we can ask them if they want to receive updates from us.

With whatever method you are using to add them to your database, that should permit you to add a tag (if coming form internal form, simply add tag in the following sequence). If manually adding, then add the tag. If coming from Zapier, have Zapier add the tag after adding.

The only way they can ‘update’ an email address is if you have a webform or 3rd party integration that is permitting that. In that case, you would have to be a little creative and possibly put their email input into a custom field for ’new email’ and then run a decision diamond to compare that field to their email field. If equal, do nothing. If not equal, then trigger the update sequence.

Thank you for the great tips! Unfortunately, I don’t think those suggestions will work considering we have a third party syncing our quickbooks contact information and not syncing our new orders. We may just need to add them manually.