Getting primary contact for a company

Is there a way in the API to find the primary contact for a company? And is there a way to set which contact is the primary contact for a company?

I have some data kept for the company that I need to use in an email in a campaign to the primary contact. So, I am looking to write an API script that gets the necessary data from the company and temporarily copies it into a custom field in the primary contact’s record, then trigger a campaign to send an email to him with that data.

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I’m sorry, but we don’t currently have a way of getting or setting a company’s primary contact through the API.

Well, that’s a bummer.
We need to send an email to each company’s primary contact that includes a couple of company custom fields. Our plan was to get the company’s primary contact and copy them to temporary custom fields in that contact’s record, then put them in a campaign.

Any idea on how to get a company custom field’s data to be delivered in an email?


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Shuffling this over to the Max Classic forum to see if anyone has any ideas.

It does kind of beg the question, what use is the Primary Contact? You can’t get / set them, you can’t email them. All you can do is snail mail them having set them manually.


Primary contact could really be useful, but apparently, it is not.

For example, you have the owner and a number of his employees’ contact information in your Infusionsoft. But you want to send out the pending price increase just to the owner.

Simple, just send the notification to the primary contacts…Oh rats, there is no way to use the primary contact…I forgot


I’m having to work around that by creating a “Primary Contact” tag for the custom import script my client asked for. Quite ugly, as there’s already interface for that on IFS.