Suggestions for email organization / efficiency?

I’m new to Infusionsoft and obviously a large reason I’ve invested in it is to get more organized as well as more automated.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to set up email accounts. I currently have one account that my email leads get sent to. Another which is more of a personal email, but in all honesty, things are crisscrossed and i feel as though my emails are not very organized, which makes me feel like the notifications I get from infusionsoft will then also not be organized. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on this?

Note, I’m small, there are only two people who deal with emails of any sort and I’m the one who takes care of 90% of that.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Wills_Amstutz ,

One thought that comes to mind is to set up your email accounts to auto-forward certain emails to one specific email address so you can keep everything organized under one email account. Most email clients allow you to create forwarding rules that will automatically forward emails based on certain criteria. Here is where you would set it up in Gmail



I’m with @martinc,

I have a number of email addresses that forward to one and I address in one central location.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Thats what I had in mind but, wanted to check to make sure this was the best option available :slight_smile:


Hi @Wills_Amstutz,

I hate to be the dissenting voice, but I try as much as possible not to forward emails from one account to another for quite a few reasons. For example, if you forward support to yourself, and then handle it from your own account, the transaction history then remains in your account, and when you grow and hand the email back to support, they don’t have the full history.

My preferred method is to keep each account separate. I use Google Apps for email, and I create folders for each account to file all of my emails per account. Then there are options.

  1. You can use something like Mac Mail or Outlook to aggregate all of your accounts so you can check / reply to them from one interface.

  2. You can use the ‘delegate’ feature in gmail to delegate access to these accounts to yourself, so that you can manage them all from inside one gmail interface but still keep separate accounts with all of their individual data.

The third and main thing is to think about the way you use email, and what you really want. Setting up strong filters (to say, move all newslettters to a newsletters folder and not your inbox, or move notifications of Infusionsoft forms filled out to their own folder) will keep your inbox clear.

I get hundreds of emails a day across three different brands that I work with, and managing it is critical. The next step is to. make sure you have an easy way to move emails into you task management system and out of email, and others into notes and research (I use Evernote for this) so that you don’t lose data, but don’t clog up a critical communication channel


So many options…really depends on your preferences. I keep my professional email address for business (customers, etc) and my personal for social media accounts, etc. My professional always trumps and gets checked more often. The personal isn’t critical.

Thank you for the feedback. Thats very insightful and I like the idea of planning now for growth that will happen later.

So if I’m understanding you correctly, I can use just a single interface (outlook or gmail in my case) as the only email interface that I’ll actually need to have open, but can use features inside of that interface to manage multiple email accounts? I’ve never used any of these features but assume I could likely find Youtube videos on how to do so.

Being new to Infusionsoft, what would be the primary difference as to when i note something as a task, or a note, in infusionsoft? Does Evernote automatically keep all emails from a certain email address linked into infusionsoft or does it just allow you to manually take emails in your inbox and then apply them to the proper account/client within I.S?

Sorry for the additional questions, but I really like your suggestions.

Sorry for the confusion - Evernote has nothing to do with Infusionsoft. It just keeps ‘notes’ in a notebook fashion you can organize and search. It gives you an email, and you can forward emails to it and then archive them if you want them for reference. I also use Asana, which gives you an email you can send to that turns the email into a task. This way, you don’t keep things in the inbox - with Gmail you just archive things as much as possible, and move them to either a task to act on or a note for future reference.

In terms of Gmail, to have one gmail account that manages multiple ones you have to have google apps, have all of your gmail accounts be part of that (it isn’t free - it is $5 / month per email I think) and then you can delegate access. The technical side of that I don’t remember, but I did i through googling it - it is google’s service so pretty well documented and easy to find.

Good luck with it.

I will say one other thing - I’ve never done this, but if you started early and wanted to be strict, you can funnel email accounts into Infusionsoft. That way all communication is always on the Infusionsoft record, and you are always in there when you are writing - you could use it as your only point of communication. I think you can funnel gmail addresses in. I’ve always found it too difficult as it isn’t that mobile friendly so itt is harder to check things on the go.

If you use the web interface for Gmail there is also an plugin that syncs email with Infusionsoft.

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