Syncronize outlook emails with Infusionsoft (NOT Keap)

We went with Infusionsoft because we were told it was MORE flexible than Keap. We’d like to sync outlook emails with Infusionsoft. I’m fine with the way I believe the old plugin worked, just client the button, pick the contacts, and the one-way sync pushed the email from outlook to Infusionsoft. However, this plugin has been discontinued, isn’t supported, and isn’t very functional (the dialog boxes are not proportional and are hard to use, and it often doesn’t work).

What am I missing? Is there a third party tool to do what Infusionsoft won’t? Why doesn’t the MORE flexible product have the ability to do what the less expensive product apparently does?

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You can sync your emails inside your user profile.

Go to Admin - Users
Click on a user and down at the bottom under ‘email accounts’, go in there and you can sync your Outlook or Gmail accounts.

You can also use EmailAttacher - auto syncs email for any device.

Infusionsoft is more powerful then Keap, but 3rd party integrations provided by Infusionsoft/Keap aren’t that great.