Merging Keap and Outlook

When I started with Infusionsoft, there was a link to Outlook. My emails would go out through Infusionsoft and replies would come in through Outlook which would then be transferred to Infusionsoft. I believe that this Infusionsoft-Outlook is no longer available, and the replies coming in through Outlook have to be copied manually or not at all. So at present, my CRM is incomplete. Is there a solution? Is it possible to run the email through Infusionsoft and drop Outlook?

Since Infusionsoft uses an already existing email of your choice, it doesn’t have complete symmetry with email clients, even outlook. There have been some work on plugins and I think there was an update not long ago about outlook. There is a plugin that is not compatible with the mac client version of outlook you could try:

We’re talking about a user’s email correct? There is a section under each user that has a tab for linking smtp/pop3 accounts: