Matt Hodges - Agency Owner

New to infusion soft, great coaching videos. I’m getting hung up trying to get my gmail to work with this. Hoping to find a thread here that works. Joining you guys from Texas.

Hey Matthew, welcome!

If it helps, I use Infusionsoft and Gmail, and I don’t have them connected, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

I use Infusionsoft for all my mass communication, and automated emails; but I use gmail to manage any one-off type messages, or replies to and from people.

If it’s important to you that they connect, then there are some tools you can use to sync gmail history back to your contact records (but as I said, it’s not required).

Hey Greg,

Thanks for that; I may do the same. So question, I was checking out two marketplace apps; the “Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail”, and the “Infusionsoft sidebar for email”. Which do you recommend. I was trying to better understand whether you should only use one or the other or if using both at the same time worked well. If has to be one or the other I’m still trying to better understand the difference. I had thought about using one of them but was hesitating in lieu of gmail issues mentioned earlier. Thanks for the feedback; looking forward to taking my business to the next level.

Oh, and kudos on coming up with the awesome unicorn shared by discobot; didn’t see that one coming. lol

Unicorn? Discbot? Haha, sounds awesome, but I’m not sure I follow!

My understanding is that the Sidebar for Infusionsoft is the newer version of this integration, and right now it doesn’t sync email history, but is more like a side-bar/crm. So, it is useful as you’re writing emails to see the contact details pop up, or to be able to quickly and easily add folks to your CRM.

I’m probably not the best person to compare and contrast these two solutions - @martinc, do you have an article or resource on these tools?


It’s an Easter egg from the Discourse team.