Tracking Visitors

We are currently using WP Fusion on our website. I had thought that I would be able to track visitors on our website- mainly which pages they are viewing and how many times they are interacting with our content. I know I can apply tags to the pages, but the tags are not updated each they go back to the page. I can see some activity under Recent Activity, but there are no reports that capture this activity either. Any ideas on how I can track visitor activity on the site? Or does anybody know of a 3rd party plugin that could easily accomplish this? (Google Analytics is great, but does not show me what my contacts in CRM are doing).

What is done on your website is independent from Infusionsoft and IS doesn’t have control over that. You can embed tracking links or links that trigger IS automation links to raise tags but those are work around’s. There isn’t anything directly “out of the box”. On pages you are creating contacts from you can embed the lead tracking code that you can find in marketing->Lead Generation->Get Tracking Code for Your Websites, but that won’t account for all of your pages on your website. That would be a locally handled event to your website. If you do implement a local solution then you can use the api to update IS with information but you’ll have to start by implementing a solution on the website level first.

This app on the Infusionsoft Marketplace is what you want: Analytics Connect:

That will make most of what you want available inside Google Analytics with minimum config.

would this work for sending an email outside of IS? like a direct email from outlook or otherwise?