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I’m hoping to see how everyone has setup their email marketing reporting in Infusionsoft. I’m finding it quite limiting, and I’m not able to easily access the information I would like.

This is what I’d expect to be able to setup:

  1. Create an email marketing dashboard that shows a list of all broadcasts and campaign emails along with topline performance metrics (open rate, ctr, # sent, unsubscribe, etc)

  2. Report showing how many times each link was clicked (not a total list of every user who clicked each link); ideally I’d be able to see a copy of my email along with tags next to each link showing the number of clicks right there. This is important because in a given newsletter I might include the same link in 4 locations, but Infusionsoft’s reporting won’t tell me where the link was clicked the most.

Has anyone been able to achieve this?



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Hey Eric,

I can’t speak to your specific requests, but if those are things that are important to you, then it may be worthwhile to hire an Infusionsoft expert to help create those reports, and assemble those insights for you.

Also, you may look at something like Graphly - which is a third party tool that helps extend the reporting power available in Infusionsoft.

Here are a few other articles you may find useful on the topic of reporting in Infusionsoft:

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Hi @Eric_Hoppe,

One of my recommendations would be what @Greg_Jenkins has suggested with graphly. To do much of what you want in a dashboard is possible but not out of the box. The RSS feed widget can be used in conjunction with the api to display that information. Still, some items like tracking how many times each link is clicked would only be possible by replacing the links with a separate link tracking system or tying tags to them triggering which could then be used in a similar way I’ve described with the RSS widget. An image of an example of a proof of concept I did for our team with the RSS widget is below:


This works as I described, the api takes real time data from our app and then displays it as an rss feed, allowing it to be placed and shown in the IS dashboard.