Tracking open and click rates on campaign sequence emails

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Is it possible to track the open rates/click rates etc for an email that was sent as part of a campaign sequence. When I send emails as a batch, I can find the report really easily, but I am struggling with the email as sent part of a campaign sequence.
Many thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this

Hi Ruth. We have more advancements coming in the area of campaign reporting, right around the corner, but if you head to a campaign, and click on the ‘Reporting’ tab, you should then be able to enter a sequence that contains emails, and see Open / Click rates, visually, in a reporting column, right in the builder.

Thank you James - I found the reporting. It will be great when we can see what links were clicked on - as there was more than one in the email I sent out - so not sure what has attracted more traffic.

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@James_Mefford Is there any way we can pull this data from the APIs? The email click and open rates mainly?
Asking as I could not find anything in the data schema at all.


You can use the search object to pull realtime results of saved searches. Using some of the email reports you will have some of the information you would be looking for. The metrics, however, are not available through the api in any direct manner.

I agree - we need to easily see what links are being clicked on, aside from the huge individual clicks list/report in the Email Broadcast Report. Our emails contain a number of links to different articles of interest to our audience and being able to easily see which articles are being clicked on the most will allow us to refine and adjust our content to best meet their needs.

Any link in IS emails can have a tag assigned to it to get raised when it is clicked. That gives specific, contact relevant, sums of that link getting clicked.

Thank you. And, yes, I know that part, but we send a number of emails and don’t want to clutter our system with a tag for every link that is included. Rather, the ability to see at a glance that X link was clicked Y number of times when viewing the report is what we’re hoping for.

Under Marketing → Reports, there are a couple of click through reports that might help, but I am unsure as to weather they are overall or unique click tracking.

Thanks, John. When I visited there earlier this week I found a click-through report but it lists each click individually - if they can summarize this report, that is what would give the best information to make decisions based on clicks as a whole.

So you can use this report to create a saved search. By doing that you can then use the custom statistics widget on your dashboard to collect sum totals et al

Thanks, John. To confirm, I’d have to do a saved search for each email broadcast and a custom statistics widget for each email broadcast as well. Wanting to be sure I’m understanding you.

The custom statistics widget can contain more than one summed saved search but yes, the saved searches would have to be created by how you would like information segmented.

Okay, I got super-excited about this, but then it just gives me the total number of clicks in the email broadcast because that’s the column, not the total for each link that’s within the email - screenshot: Snappy - Productivity enhancement tool for referencing information and sharing snapshots and Snappy - Productivity enhancement tool for referencing information and sharing snapshots