Campaign reporting based on contact fields and tags

Hello everyone!

I’ll go through the scenario we are currently facing.

We have a campaign that might have 20 or so emails.

We want to be able to see a report that shows the open and unopened % of contacts that went through that campaign that has customfield1 contains text “hello”

And a report that shows the open rate of anyone that went through the same campaign that has a custom contact field that contains “hello2” etc. We have a lot of different types of people going through the same campaign and we want to know what the stats are dependent on the tags they have, and the custom contact fields they have associated with their profile.

Is something like this available with Infusionsoft reporting? If not, is there an addon that you would recommend?

Under marketing->reports there is an email batch results report. When viewing that you can click the edit search criteria button to get more silo’ed metrics…however, one thing it does not provide are tags etc to pick from. This is due to an email address being it’s own entity. I can have more than one contact that uses the same email and therefor would not be able to distinguish one from the other based on the email…which is what open/click rates are based on…results based on the email address. You don’t look for open and click ‘rates’ on contacts for this reason and the information just isn’t represented and stored that way so you might find it a challenge to look at metrics based solely on the contact record.

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