Third application integration

HI Guys

I’m working on a marketing campaign and just wanted to know if there is a way to track a landing page ebook made in wordpress and integrated in IS as my webform thank you page?


Hey, @Chim_Benedicto. Not sure I follow. Can you explain the customer journey a bit more. I’m not sure how you are collecting the contact information or how you are leveraging Infusionsoft in the scenario you described. Thanks!

See i have created a webform in IS then i use a personalized plugin in wordpress to post the webform in our site and track the traffic at the same time in IS. In the said form, i have a landing page which i created in wordpress and used it as a thank you page by choosing URL option in IS. On the landing page, i have two option, prospect get to download an ebook or click a button to have a quick chat appointment. I can track prospects who clicked the quick chat button for i created a form in IS for that. My question is, how can i track those who downloaded the ebook? .