Landing Page locations

I’m looking for information regarding using your own site’s landing pages as opposed to Infusionsoft landing pages.

There are wordpress plugins, PHP/Python solutions, cURL options…is your site on a framework or custom? It’s done all the time but there are a number of ways to manage it that depend on your site.

Thanks for responding John,

I’m using Wordpress, with Optimize Press as my theme.


Ok, so I’m assuming that you are wanting to do an optin form, but what other information (if any) are you wanting to carry over into IS? There are WP plugins to handle the first part.

My main question is a general one, “Is there anything you can accomplish in terms of tracking (or anything else) using an IS landing page that you can’t accomplish with a webform?” And more specifically…

I want to build my own landing pages, but want to get data on their efficacy (Time/date based results etc.). In addition, I’d like to know if someone landed on a particular page but didn’t fill in the web form. And, where did they come from? Can Infusionsoft tell me this if I don’t use one of their landing pages. Also, I see that you can add an HTML snippet to a webform, but I can’t find any information on this. When would you use this?

Thanks John!


I don’t think you’ll find the fullness of what you want directly in Infusionsoft (as far as the tracking part goes). For my company, I created an in house tracking link system and we do track when someone lands on a page, clicks a link, what custom information is relevant in that moment and of course, date/time. Infusionsoft tracks some things in general (think visitor ip address level). There are workups for it involving embedded action links that raise a tag. In all cases, any link created in Infuisonsoft would first be directed through Infusionsoft and then your tracking would be called, leaving your form to only show links for infusionsoft…something I’ve found … well, let’s call it annoying lol

Thanks for your help John. You’ve been fantastic!