How to make custom link for Landing Page

I added our custom domain. But now I want to know how to change the url of the Landing page to a custom url/link?

And when I embed the HTML code on my own website, the landing page appears in a frame in stead of screen wide like in infusionsoft preview.

@Anisha_Ramjiawan, if your website is a Wordpress website a terrific developer created a plugin to easily embed your Infusionsoft landing page made with the new builder and create any URL from your main domain that you want. If that would help, I’ll add the plugin zip file here.

That would certainly help us! Please add the plugin zip file.

Hi, can you please upload the file as soon as possible, so I can use my Landing page.

@Cheryl_Hunt I’m not seeing the plugin uploaded. Please can you add it; this would be an incredibly useful tool.

Just go to Host Infusionsoft Landing Pages on your WordPress Site and you’ll be able to download it right from there :slight_smile:


Perfect, thank you!

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Happy to help, @Warwick_Varney!